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  • 5 March 2024
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Hello, I would like to notify end users once their patching is completed so that they know if it is okay to shut down their device.

If a device is shut down, logged out, or put in sleep mode, the patching will fail. I’ve noticed this multiple times with testing on different devices. There is no real way for an end user to know when their patches have been updated.


Furthermore, on Automox I am able to see each “Device Status” as “Refreshing” when updates are being conducted, and “Ready” once they are complete.

I would like confirmation that Refreshing = Patching. With that wording it is a little confusing.

I have ran manual patches on certain devices that will begin “refreshing” and after completion, they will turn to the “ready” state. Although I will still see the same patches needing an update in the “Software” section of the device. Does anyone know why this is happening? It is as if the patch runs and after completion nothing actually happened with those items that needed to be patched.

5 replies


+1 for this. Users are complaining that they click ‘Install’ and then never find out if anything has actually happened. This is causing complaints as it makes them feel like all they’re doing is endlessly clicking ‘Install’ due to the lack of feedback.

All in all, the end user experience needs an overhaul as per this post that’s gone into the pit that is unanswered improvement requests!

Change the UI for Windows updates | Community (


hi @IamDannyOConnor, im not sure if they are working on this feature request or not to be honest. i raised couple of request in support tickets but they are like let me add it our future feature request list LOL😂. 


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I’ve turned this work into a Worklet with company logo. It works on Windows 10/11, and will prompt even if a user has “focus” mode enabled. Its leveraging Balloon tips. 


Check that one out here 


You could wrap that in added code that detects a reboot or long running up-times.

# Establish Reboot Data Points
$uptime = (get-date) - (gcim Win32_OperatingSystem).LastBootUpTime
$sysInfo = New-Object -ComObject "Microsoft.Update.SystemInfo"

if($sysInfo.RebootRequired -or $uptime.Days -gt 28){
exit 1 # reboot is needed
exit 0 #no reboot is needed



Thanks Jack, that looks super helpful!


Will give it a go, and if I forget to come back and say thank you because it all ‘just worked’, I’ll thank you now in advance… Thank you!!

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+1 for this feature also. Thanks @jack.smith I will try that out too.