What worklets would you like to see?

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I’m looking to create a list of worklet ideas to start implementing. What sorts of things would you like to see in the Worklets category? What problems around patching and automation are you looking to solve? No idea is too big or too small!

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A registry validation check. Devices have X file or X registry value set.

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Those should be fairly easy to crank out by modifying this worklet: Worklet: How to Disable Remote Desktop Protocol Connection since all it’s doing is changing a registry key. Any particular keys you’re looking to set?

That’s a good resource. You’re right that it would likely be easy to retrofit.

I was thinking that registry validation scripts would be helpful to give sysadmins confidence that specific values are set (e.g. security policy) on the devices in the environment.

I would like to run the windows clean up tool to clear browser cache and temp files. I have tried a couple of times to write this, but my knowledge has failed me.

Cleanmgr has been a great Windows tool for years. Currently it can cleanup up trickier file sets like patch caches and Windows in-place upgrade .old directories.

Cleanmgr.exe /VERYLOWDISK is the command switch that will run a full cleanup (temp files, patch cache, etc.) with the wizard hidden but will show a final window stating the current disk free space. I don’t believe there is a full silent option with the native clean up tool.

The Automox agent should be running the tool as SYSTEM , so I would assume it would run successfully. With it running as SYSTEM however, I’m curious if maybe it does complete the cleanup but any window would be hidden from the current user since the process would be running as the SYSTEM account. This could cause it to report oddly if the process never stops running. Hard to say without digging in.

A note with Windows 10: Microsoft will be deprecating this tool in the future. Not necessarily removing it from the OS, but discontinuing new support for it. Hopefully it will remain like Paint did when they deprecated that, but for now it is a very helpful tool.

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Thanks @D-D-D-D-DropTheTable - @MFling I’ll test it out and post a worklet once I get the code working.

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I just tested out the /verylowdisk flag and here’s the screen that pops up at the end of it:


You might alarm some end users (and generate helpdesk tickets) if they don’t know why they are getting that window. I’ll see if there is any other flag or way to have it run completely silently.

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Ok @MFling I think I have a working prototype for this, using the cleanupmgr.exe /sagerun:1 flag, which runs the cleanup tool silently according to presets that you configure with the /sageset:1 flag. I’ll get someone to look over my code tomorrow and then I’ll post it to the Worklets section for you to try out.

Here’s some documentation on how the cleanmgr.exe flags work, for the curious:

Silent would be nice, but I could easily have my users close the pop up. Thank you for your help with this !!

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Ok I’ve posted my worklet here:

I haven’t had anyone else here test it out yet, so I left off the Automox-Validated tag to indicate that it’s in the “it works on my machine” status of development 🙂

Let me know if you run into any issues with getting it working @MFling!