If you're active on Reddit which subreddits do you recommend?

  • 29 June 2023
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Let me know which subreddits I should be keeping up with! r/sysadmin is awesome, so I’m curious what other ones are out there!

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There’s a lot of awesome subreddits out there:

  • r/linux
  • r/devops
  • r/sysadmin_technical
  • r/networking
  • r/PowerShell
  • r/usefulscripts
  • r/msp
  • r/macsysadmin
  • r/redhat
  • r/sysadmin_cloud_devops
  • r/sysadmintools

A wealth of information can be found in these subreddits, and others. If there’s something you’re looking for, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be able to find something related on Reddit. Kind of sad what’s happening right now regarding Reddit’s API though. Hoping that the site doesn’t suffer as a result of all that.