Patch Execution through api give 404 error

  • 8 February 2024
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Actually I export the csv from tenable and import to the automox via api and the csv is uploaded successfully, but when I try to patch the vulnerabilities it give 404 not found error


  "actions": [


      "action": "patch-with-worklet",

      "solutionId": 5169549,  

      "devices": [



      "workletId": 157



this is the body part which I added to patch the vulnerability and I also check that the device id, solution id and worklet id all are correct, then why it give me error as 404 not found


So how can I resolve this issue



I use this url endpoint ""

for executing the patch.

"" and use this url to get the worklet id.

"" and use this to get device id and solution id.

Please let me know if there is wrong in something this or there is different problem.

1 reply

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Would you mind submitting a ticket with our support team by emailing Please and thank you!