Register automox device on Intune

  • 15 November 2023
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We are currently using Automox to manage our linux device. 

Our user have to register frequently from the intune portal so that their device show in intune.

I would like to know if it is possible to register automatically from automox to intune without any action from our user?


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2 replies

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Hey! I’m curious to learn more about this setup. 

Are these linux VM’s that users are in? And so each time the VM is launched they’re required to enroll?

Or is this a linux device, where it’s a single user logged in, but they are persistently prompted?

There’s a bit to unpack on how an Automox worklet could solve for this. So more information is helpful!

Hello David,

Thanks you for your answer.


There are linux device for single user. We need them to be synchronise with intune so they can receive new policy or application. They have the intune portal installed and the user have to login into so their linux device synchronise. We would like to get rid of the user action and be automatic.


Thanks for your help.