OOB Web Browser Update Policy Installing CUs?

  • 21 September 2023
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When we first implemented Automox we created the suggested “Keep browsers up-to-date” policy available on the console’s front page. I recently saw this installed KB5030216 overnight on a few VMs with the policy applied. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is this because “Everything Microsoft Edge” is included in the policy?

3 replies

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Hey Nick, I have a daily browser only policy running like you mentioned, using “Everything “Microsoft Edge””, and it hasn’t deployed KB5030216 anywhere, it’s only been deployed with the regular patching policies. If you go into the “view policy activity log” link from the policy page, is it definitely that policy installing the hotfix?

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Hi Nick, Please open a support case with some additional details so our team can validate the exact scope of your policy as well as review some of the endpoints indicated the policy installed the KB. 

The Patch Only policy works off a string in an update name, so this would be highly unusual. or


Edward, yes it in the report it shows the “Keep browsers up-to-date” applying KB5030216 daily. I think it’s doing this daily since there are no automatic restarts enabled in the policy.


Mark, I’ll get a case open shortly to dig into this.