Community Feedback?

  • 19 August 2019
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How is everyone liking the community so far? Any feedback, suggestions or requests? Have you found any bugs or errors? If so let me know and you can earn the Bug Finder badge.

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6 replies

On the Users page, the “Topics” and “Visits” sorting buttons are not quite working as intended. They will put me (logged in user) at the top of the list and then the rest of users (both Desc and Asc do this).

Not a big deal, but the other columns are not experiencing this issue.

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Yeah I’m seeing the same behavior and I’ve put in a ticket with Discourse to check on why that is happening. Bug finder badge for you!

I’m loving the community - great job, @Nic! My only observation is that badges take some time to show up but one fix there is for me to have some patience 🙂


I like it so far! My only gripe was the limit on new accounts but I think you said you upped it a bit, I can’t remember.

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Yeah the programmatic badges (such as # of posts) take some time to show up because the queries that check for them only run every so often to reduce demand on the database.

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Yeah there’s a limit on the number of posts a newbie (first day logged in) can post in the same topic. The default was set to 3 but I upped that to 10 since you ran into it. It’s all part of the flood control to reduce spammers coming in and posting their spam all over the place.