Oracle SE Java 8 Support Shift

  • 11 December 2020
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Hello Automox Community!

Effective immediately, Automox is no longer able to support patching for Oracle SE Java 8.

Many third-party software providers have EULAs (End User License Agreements) that prevent patching solutions from directly redistributing patches or software updates. Recently, Oracle’s Java SE 8 went through the “End of Public Updates” process for legacy releases. Patches can vary by system architecture and platform but the fundamentals remain the same. What this means for Automox users is that Automox will no longer be able to enable third-party application patching for Oracle SE Java 8 without violating the EULA from Oracle.

The good news is that Automox can still help automate patching of third-party applications like Java 8 through Worklets and our template guidance.

For additional details on this announcement, please see our blog for more information.

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