Just Released: Reboot Notifications and Deferrals for Worklets

Just Released: Reboot Notifications and Deferrals for Worklets

Happy hump day ya’ll.

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just pushed reboot notifications and deferral options for Worklets live! Previously, Worklets were only able to be scheduled, however, reboot notifications and deferrals were not available.

This is a powerful feature as it offers users the ability to run custom evaluation and remediation scripts, and assuming this is enabled, devices that successfully receive remediation script will reboot respecting the notifications and deferrals configured in the Worklet policy.

Some interesting use cases that you might consider:

  • Reboot only recurring policy for all targeted devices with notifications and deferrals

  • Reboot prior to policy run or during scheduled maintenance windows

And many more!

We’ll have Product Docs up shortly, but you can access this feature by going to Create Policy > Worklets > Enable Automatic Reboot After Updates Are Installed. (Note: all existing Worklets will default to disabled, but can be updated/edited directly)


Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to share with the Community how you plan on using this feature to accomplish new Workflows.

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This is awesome! We have some software updates that require a reboot, and I have been holding off because I haven’t had time to test some of the workaround scripts people have posted. Nice to have this baked in. I’ll be testing this new feature shortly.

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This is great! I used to always have to run worklets after prod hours due to no notifications. Now I can run them during prod and give users a choice on when they can get patched! A reboot only would be great, is that just a exit 0 in both eval/remediation?

Yes, we just tested a policy with exit 1 for eval and exit 0 for remediation just to reboot computers. It works great giving the users notification and option to defer. Testing now with this in the evaluation to reboot computers that need it. I’ll post an update with our results.


# Checks whether or not the system requires a reboot, and remediates accordingly.
$sysInfo = New-Object -ComObject "Microsoft.Update.SystemInfo"
exit 1
exit 0

@David_Mitchell - thanks for adding that

@Mrichards - Exit 1 (for windows) or exit 1 (for mac) for eval and Exit 0 (on windows) and exit 0 (on Mac) for remediation. Remember for macs it has to be lowercase.

Let me know if there are any other questions.

Automox, can you add this feature to required software too? That would be super handy.

There is a UX bug that people should watch out for. If you set device targeting up, and then change the Automatic Reboot setting to do not enable, it clears your device targeting.

Hey @David_Mitchell, Thanks for this. We were actually looking into that. Are you able to set up a reboot only worklet policy to run directly after your required software policy in the meantime?

Just replicated this issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Getting a bug ticket in now!

We could do that with another worklet policy as a workaround. Its not a big use case for us yet. I only have one policy where this would be handy so far because of the way the software works.

Nice and welcome addition, this is going to make our lives a lot easier!

We’ve recently implemented this as part of our monthly patching for end user devices, replacing the previous Intune configuration. Feedback so far has been great.