Windows Server 2022 patching issues

  • 31 May 2024
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We are running into issues within our environment with inconsistencies in Automox detecting patches for Windows Server 2022. 


We use WSUS and have not had issues approving the updates through WSUS and having servers recognize updates on the servers themselves, but within Automox there is no evidence of any patches available to install. 

We have had issues with it showing patches available when the Groups are pointed to WSUS as well as directly out to Windows Update. Curious if anyone else has had issues with Server 2022 Patches through Automox. 

1 reply

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Hey eturner22!


Sorry to hear you’re having some issues with your Windows Server devices. Based on what you mentioned, it sounds like Automox is failing to collect patching data from those devices. Here’s a few things you can review:

Check your Automox Group Settings

Automox Groups can dictate where a device should point to patch Windows Updates. It sounds like you have already done this, but please ensure your devices are properly targeting your WSUS server URL anyway.

Review your Firewall Rules

We have seen in some cases where URLs from Automox or Microsoft may be throttled or blocked. Please review your firewall, proxy, and VPN stack (where applicable) to ensure this is not the case.

Ensure Automox is not being block from EPP/Anti-Virus

It’s not uncommon we see EPP/Anti-Virus prevent our scripts from running on a device. Automox scans are executed by Powershell scripts, so it’s possible that EPP is preventing those scripts from running, and in turn, no data gets updated in your Automox Console.

Try Reseting the Windows Update Settings

If you have access to our Worklet Catalog, you can try using this Worklet to bring WU back to a factory setting. Please note if you run this it will restart the device(s) you target.


If none of these resolve your issue, I recommend submitting a support case to Our support team will ask you to collect the Automox Agent logs from your device and dig further with you.

Have a great day!