Weekly Security Wrap-Up (March 29th, 2022)

  • 29 March 2022
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Hey, y’all - happy Tuesday! While we were all busy being distracted by ridiculous people on awards shows, there was a lot going on around us. Let’s check out a few stories from world of security news..


CISA warns of attacks targeting Internet-connected UPS devices -- Oh man, that’s an infuriating one. Stay out of my power supply, jerks! I guess some organizations use this for management of the device over the internet,’s just a power supply. If that’s not necessary, go disconnect that thing’s network cableFrom the article: “Recommended mitigation measures include finding all UPSs and other emergency power systems on orgs' networks and ensuring they're not reachable over the Internet.


Shutterfly discloses data breach after Conti ransomware attack -- Image provider Shutterfly disclosed this week a ransomware that led to a data breach back in December. That’s bad for folks who work there or use the service, so be sure to update your creds and keep an eye on your credit report/fraud monitoring. From the article: "The attacker both locked up some of our systems and accessed some of the data on those systems. This included access to personal information of certain people, including you," reads Shutterfly's data breach notification filed with the California Attorney General's Office.”


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