MSP responsible for Texas govt ransomware

  • 21 August 2019
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The mayor of one of the towns is claiming that the ransomware was delivered through the RMM software that the MSP was using. If you outsource your IT, make sure you pick a good MSP who won’t leave you exposed!

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3 replies


Oh yikes… that’s going to potentially kill off that company. Nobody, after hearing this news, is going to want to sign a contract with them. Their other customers are probably frantic right now as well.

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Yeah, it makes you wonder how bad it was on the ground at most of these organizations already. The MSP may ultimately be to blame, but managing municipalities is notoriously difficult. Budget constraints and a lack of priority on proper IT infrastructure is scary.

They’re important enough to affect a lot of people, but small enough to have constraints that contribute to these gaps.

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I’ve worked in IT at the federal level and that was bad enough. I can only imagine what it looks like at the local govt level.