Linux Patch Installaion

  • 7 December 2023
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Hi Team,

In our environment, we have requirement to install patch for Linux server and PCs. Do we have Linux Update categorization like security, critical? If so, what is the recommendation to patch? 

Can you pls let me know if we can patch the 3rd party S/w updates for Linux OS? If yes, can you please provide the list of S/w that we can install on it? 

Also, let us know which policy is best to use in this scenario?

Can we use single policy for installing patch for both regular and 3rd Party updates? 



1 reply

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Hello @MD Shoaib Pasha 

I’ve been using Advanced patch policy and mostly go with patch everything model unless a specific application has requirements. For example an app may only support a specific version of say python, so I’m using the advanced patch policy to hold off patching by display name does not match. Pretty basic, but keeps things moving. 


When using the pre-patch report through the API I’m able to extract a few attributes