Equifax makes it harder to get your $125

  • 9 September 2019
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Adding additional steps that they’re hoping people won’t bother to go through to get their money.

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11 replies

Shoot, if they think adding some stupid steps to the process will stop people from getting their money, they’ve got another thing comin’. $125 is $125, I can buy 2 games and a can of dip with that.


If you guys are looking for decent free credit monitoring, get Credit Karma. Then go through the extra steps they listed and get paid boiiiiiii

yea, i got an email a few days ago from equifax asking me to verify the name of the credit monitoring company that i had during this time.

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That’s too bad. It’s going to be a nightmare for them to verify all of this. Do they want proof of your credit monitoring or did you just have to give them a name?

I had to provide the name of the service and check some boxes stating that this information was true and correct. No proof necessary.

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Appreciate the tips. Got mine filed.

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In a final bid to screw everyone out of settlement money, the final date to submit your claims is only 3 days away:

I don’t have much hope for getting money out of them. I submitted a claim for the time it took me to deal with a couple of Paypal breaches but they never even acknowledged my claim submission.

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Looks like now they’re blaming the hack on the Chinese??


These dumb little settlements need to stop. If we aren’t going to substantially punish these companies outside of “create a fund to MAYBE give some money to people” then let’s just stop that nonsense now. And the whole credit monitoring thing is a joke too. You can get that crap for free nowadays or extremely cheap.

Justice isn’t being served when they say “ok we’ll create a pool of 5 million dollars and let people fight over it.” If the intent is to ACTUALLY give some settlement money away, then add enough funding to the stupid pool so you can adequately pay people. I don’t care if it bleeds the company dry, these are awful companies to begin with and their reckless security is potentially putting innocent folks in a scenario where somebody online can bleed them dry instead.

Maybe seeing a company basically fold because of negligence would encourage competitors to better themselves.

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I was asking my sister, who is a lawyer, about why all these class settlement terms end up sucking so much for everyone but the lawyers. Apparently there is one person in the class who is designated to represent the whole class, and they have to sign off on the settlement terms before the court approves them. Theoretically this makes it so that dumb offers where you get $10 or credit monitoring would be rejected. However in practice they’ve found ways to give kickbacks to the class representative, which is how they get incentivized to sell the rest of the class out. That class representative might get $100k in “fees for their time” or some other excuse for how to bribe them into approving the settlement and screwing over everyone else in the class action.