Anyone else having problems with Microsofts September patches breaking network printing?

  • 20 September 2021
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We are in the process of rolling back some patches now and testing. (Update - Rollback of [KB5005613] fixed our printing problems.)

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Interesting - I hadn’t heard anything about this yet. Thanks for sharing!

Yes, this is two consecutive months in a row now that I have to roll back these Print Nighmare patches. We had problems printing to all of our Kyrocera printers over the network. Fortunately I use an Automox Policy where I can plug in the KB of the upodate I want to remove and push it out quickly to reverse the effects of these MS patches. I had over 100 machines that I had to back out KB5005565. And I also had to back out KB5005573 from my Windows 2016 servers which was causing a huge number of DCOM errors and flooding the system log. It was so bad on my DFS servers that it was basically causing a Denial of Service by taking down the network connection.