Navigating the IT Maturity Journey: Zac Turner, Degreed System Administrator | Heroes of IT, Ep. 3

  • 21 March 2024
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The latest Heroes of IT episode is out now with Ashley Smith and Zac Turner! Listen on your favorite podcast platform! 

This episode focuses on the concept of maturity journeys in IT and IT operations. Special guest, Zac Turner from Degreed, shares insights and experiences related to reaching maturity in IT. We cover topics such as the ITOps basics, the shift from pre-pandemic IT to remote work and cloud solutions, starting from scratch with endpoint management, differentiating between mature and immature IT teams, and staying informed by following IT resources! 

We would also love to hear your thoughts on the following: 

How do you feel the relationship between IT and other departments affects the overall success of the company?

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