Hi Everyone

  • 20 July 2023
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My Name is Paul Y. I have only been using Automox for a couple f months now. I am looking forward to having it do more of the time consuming tasks related to updates and system onboarding.

Nice to meet everyone! 

2 replies

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Welcome aboard @Paul_Y; it’s great to meet you, as well!


If you’d like any guidance automating specific tasks in your environment, feel free to drop a post in the Worklets section and we’d be happy to help!


You can also find our shiny new Worklet Catalog over here if you’d like to cruise through some of the pre-packaged solutions we’ve got cooked up.


Have a great day!


- Anthony M.


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Welcome @Paul_Y! How have your first couple months using Automox been? Glad to have you here in the community!