worklet software install duplicates

  • 15 August 2023
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I have a worklet created to install software based on scheudle policy which is daily at10am, and when I check the report, I noticed it create duplicates. how to di avoid this?

in evaluation code i have : exit 1


also Have a check on : if device misses a configuration patch, it will patch next time it check in


1 reply

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Hi Curioustoknow,

When the Evaluation code of a worklet is set to ‘exit 1’, this forces the Worklet to always run. Non 0 exit equals ‘non-compliance’ with a policy, which means it will run even if the app is already installed.

To fix this, change the Evaluation code to Exit 0, which will indicate compliance (even if the app is not installed, so not ideal), or you can create Evaluation code which measures whether or not the app is already present, and if so then do nothing. There is an excellent template in the Worklet Catalog you can use as a reference. Attached is a screenshot: