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  • 22 September 2023
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Hey all,

I’m having 0 success updating to windows 11 using the windows installation assistant from automox and from running it directly on the laptops I’m testing with.

I have had success downloading the iso, mounting it, and running the upgrade from there.

Has anyone else tested the Windows 11 worklet? I’ve thought about trying to create a worklet that downloads and mounts the iso and runs through the setup so I can put automation and control/schedule around the updates.

2 replies

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Hi @catied!


The Windows - Configuration - Windows 11 Feature Update worklet that we have offered in the Catalog today works by downloading and invoking the Windows Installation Assistant silently to perform an in place upgrade to Windows 11.  The worklet essentially sends instructions to the device to download, cache, and run the Installation Assistant, and then the Installation Assistant handles things from there (the upgrade, notification, and reboot process).


If you’re experiencing issues with this worklet, we’ll need to troubleshoot further and see what’s occurring on the device’s end after the Installation Assistant is cached. 

Some quick troubleshooting tips:

  • The worklet will run a Windows Readiness Check to determine if the device is eligible for the upgrade. These results will be exposed in your Automox Activity Log.
  • The fully cached Windows 11 Feature Upgrade is stored under a hidden folder C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\and is 23GB in size. If the folder does not exist or is not of the expected size, the Windows Installation Assistant is likely failing to download or cache the upgrade.
  • Windows' native upgrade logs can be found under C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther
    • setupact.log - Will contains all setup actions during the upgrade.
    • setuperr.log - Will contain all errors encountered during the installation phase.

If you want to assistance with troubleshooting further, please open a case with our Support team and we’ll be happy to assist!


While we don’t have something in the Catalog today that uses the ISO upgrade method, these two Community posts have been used to upgrade devices to Windows 10 via an ISO and might help get you started:


Have a great day!


Hey John,

I’ve tested the mentioned worklet on a few machines with no success. I also tried using the windows installation assistant outside of Automox and did not have success with it either. That’s why I was heading down the iso route.

Support unfortunately wasn’t much help as the issue itself seems to be with the installation assistant and nothing with Automox.

I’ll take a look at your mentioned posts and give the iso worklet a shot.