Will you take on the Just Script It! Worklet Challenge? 🥳

  • 7 September 2023
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Will you take on the Just Script It! Worklet Challenge? 🥳
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Automox is pumped to celebrate the power behind Worklets and offer a preview of our script-writing coach, Ask Otto! Our amazing scripting tools are your keys to ultimate scalability. 

Today through September 26, we're inviting YOU to channel your energy and input in the Just Script It! Worklet Challenge! Jump into the Community to discuss, workshop, and create new Worklets with our expert Automox engineers and Ask Otto. And guess what… there's some seriously awesome Automox swag on the line (keep reading to find out what)! 🙌

Don't miss the opportunity to try out Ask Otto – free! Join us in scripting the unscriptable and enhancing Ask Otto for all!

To participate, we challenge you to: 

  1. Write a script using Ask Otto* (Enable Ask Otto for this challenge here)
  2. Share your new Ask Otto-assisted Worklet by posting it in the Automox Community under the Find & Share Worklets category (make sure you’re signed in or sign up)
  3. Peek at your peers’ Worklets – they may have built something you can use, too
  4. Like any Worklets you found particularly useful in the community - winners are chosen based on likes received   

Additional terms and Conditions for the Just Script It! Worklet Challenge are available as outlined here

*If you don’t have access to Ask Otto, you can still participate by creating a Worklet from scratch! It takes a lot more time and effort, but it might end up being well worth it.  

If you are new to Worklets and/or new to Ask Otto, don’t worry. We have tons of quick and easy-to-follow resources to get you started. 

New to Worklets: 

New to Ask Otto: 

If you’re here for the swag, here’s what we have lined up for you: 

  • LDKX3eN9sYXZyQvMgVgPZnzVFnJwkhU27m5oFPyE5ImGTwSE2c6eL4OKUM2Psz6WICOakYKdbXZzVgrdqbl0nnHPC_Ary2no4S8hUCM_WMcsjl9g0Ftfc_rhKWjnmBOo5MeuuWCwI_0vgHo8mK4pUXoAn Automox journal - An official-looking journal for all your doodles  Journal to jot down all your drafts, code, and grocery lists. (* Oat milk, pickles, Pop Tarts..) 
  • OOELJb-cKgs7NXIgRf9HK3s32rvNmPWjdScuHNErU9sVABg3wbhJF-CJH0_LHKEXlp__Krfg1zdweuhiwgQ14cNZLzSZeE901RjxXqNi1VqaU4YZ0FClqNGq1Yy-9PvB8EcQXNb6kOawhhXM51IqaewAn Automox hat, because we don't have a script to fix bad hair days
  • gyuMX6aVHvebUvLUsTlrU6EkN6pJOD7cjzqJcHEzRbX-zDaeKplIlWM6qTiO5hG-zafphk262K4Sc3vbKvKDnodxQBvEwhrRHxXotM2WQWY2YMiXNkQcwCnaqOAesemZN7_9K5ixJj95Teg2GeUEz6QOtto Action Figure because you’re never too old (Sound effects encouraged, but not included)
  • “Super Scripter” community badge awarded to everyone who participates ⚡️

Remember, winners are awarded based on submitted Worklets that have the most likes! Don’t forget to share the love and drop some likes on Worklets your peers created, too. 

Check it out today – the Just Script It! Worklet Challenge only runs until September 26. We can’t wait to see you what you create!

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I almost forgot… Help spread the word about this challenge by sharing/commenting on this LinkedIn post! Invite your friends to participate too!