Some Basic MSI questions

  • 16 December 2022
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Hi all, I’m fairly new to Automox, and also not a powershell wiz, but I’ve spent some time searching the existing community threads and haven’t seen quite what I’m looking for.  Basically, we’ve got some existing software, deployed through an MSI, and i’m looking for ways to use Automox to deploy 1) upgrades and 2) repairs.

  1.  To upgrade the software, we need to stop it from running.  I have a one-line command from the software company that stops all their services, then I can run the MSI to install the latest version.  If I do this as a Required Software policy, can I add a command before running the installer?  Or do i need to do this through a worklet (the scripts in the worklet catalog to install an MSI seem quite involved)?
  2. similar question:  I want to run a REPAIR on an existing installed application.  When I tried using a Required Software policy but changed the /i arg to /fp, the script didn’t run because it detected that the application was already on the current version so no further action was necessary.  Will i need to use a worklet to accomplish running msiexec with /fp instead of /i?


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