Reboot group of Windows servers in specific order?

  • 24 August 2023
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Cannot find or create the worklet for reboot group of Windows servers in specific order (like with delay 15 minutes) to schedule for once a week group reboot? Any help or advise? THX!

2 replies

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this is a fun one as there are quite a few ways to do it. 

which is another way of saying that there isn’t a super easy way to do it either. Haha

(easy note for our product team to take) 

do these servers all have the automox agent on them? 
or are you trying to orchestrate commands onto multiple servers from a central node?

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Hint hint product. A lot of us would love to see a feature very similar to Orchestration Groups in SCCM. that give the ability to

  • Run pre/post scripts with patching policy
  • Install patches on group of devices based on
    • Specific Number at a time
    • Specific Percentage at a time
    • Explicit Order 

If you told me to create this solution on my own right now, I’d likely use the API to conduct my own orchestration. I’ve not used it, but perhaps Power Automate could make it a bit cleaner. Version one would be pretty generic, perhaps using a scheduled task on an internal windows system to run every 15 minutes pulling data from Automox and the Devices internally to validate state. 


workflow I’d likely follow

The first few runs would be very hands-on manual- with me releasing the push each time, but I think with enough scripting this could work….