Fireeye (HX) Agent Removal

  • 16 November 2023
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Do you have a working worklet for Fireeye agent removal? 

We have a batch file to remove the agent. Is there a way to create a worklet using a batch file?


3 replies

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Hi @FerOz ,


This is something the Automox Worklet Team can take a look at!

I will send you a DM to get some details and see what we can put together.


Have a great rest of your week!

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Howdy FerOz,

This has worked for me in the past, including yesterday with another client!


#cd is required only if the .bat file is already on the endpoint somewhere. If you have the .bat attached as a payload of the Worklet, just run the second command

cd "C:\your\custom\directory\"


The ‘.\’ is required since Automox Worklets runs in 32-bit powershell. 

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I’d checkout the new WDK. Pretty powerful tooling here. 


The code could legit look like this

Get-Win32App | Where-Object {$_.Name -Match 'FireEye Endpoint Agent'} | Remove-Win32App