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i’m facing an issue with automox agent installation where its  ends up with an error massage saying “Configuration failed “

 Running Automox Agent compatibility check...
  - `C:\Program Files (x86)\Automox\amagent.exe --checkcompat` failed.
        Error checking compatibility: server returned HTTP status 420: No certificate attached to request.

 PostInstall_CompatibilityCheck:  failed to configure access key
 Reporting agent installation error...
 Installation result reported to IRS: True
 Current Agent service status is STOPPED.

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Looks like a good one to consult support on. I’m not sure the history of the device you see this issue on, but was thinking maybe this function that does a cleanup of Automox could be handy before you re-install if this was a previously working agent.

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Like Jack mentioned, our support team would be the best resource here! Just send an email to!