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  • 5 May 2022
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Hello everybody!

What would be the easiest method of installing Homebrew on macOS using worklets. With no user interaction? 


Best answer by KyleG-Automox 6 May 2022, 19:24

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Hi SW1!


This is a good question! It’s a little difficult to deploy Homebrew on MacOS with a deployment tools, Automox included. As you may already know, Homebrew requires the current logged in user with admin rights to do this. Since Automox Worklets run as root, Homebrew doesn’t allow you to install as root and will exit the script instead. In my research, I’ve tried deploying Homebrew and called the current logged in user, but that still doesn’t let me install it and gives me an error that I am not an admin (even though I am.) There are some scripts to do this out there, but they are pretty complicated and basically pull apart the package file.


With that being said, if a device does have Homebrew installed on it, you may still be able to interact with brew and update and install package files as needed via a Worklet.


Homebrew’s GitHub does have some installer options if you wish to investigate further.


Hope this helps!