Tip of the day: Earning badges

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The Automox community comes with a bunch of badges that you can earn for various activities, such as posting or liking posts:

You can get to the badge page by clicking on the burger menu (the three horizontal lines to the left of your avatar, in the upper right corner). The badges you’ve earned will have the green checkmark. The number on each badge indicates how many other people have earned it, and clicking on the badge will list those folks.

If there’s any badges you’d like to see added to the community, post your ideas in the replies to this topic!

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I think you should get a badge for using all 50 of your daily likes before noon.


There should be a badge for anybody who is named “dimforest”

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Technically that does qualify for the badge suggestion badge, even if the suggestion doesn’t get implemented.


Mah man!


EDIT: just editing this for the badge 😛

Suggestions for badges? . @dimforest, here’s where you can read more about suggesting badges. I just earned a badge for sharing this link via the “share” button 🙂


Testing testing, 123

Oooo, is that how this works?






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It shows the image for me? Can you try a full refresh of the page to see if it will show up for you too?


There we go, it’s showing up now.

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It might have taken a few minutes for the CDN to pull the badge image. I’m currently using images from here:


as that’s what this community platform uses for all their built-in default badges.

We’re currently in the process of having @todd.may, our newly hired graphic designer, replace all the default badges with our own custom designed ones.