Suggestions for badges?

You can see all the existing badges here:
In addition to the built-in ones, I’ve added a Bug Finder badge (which you earn by finding a bug in Automox or the community), a SpiceHead badge (for members of the Spiceworks community) and a Community Founder badge (which you’ll all get once we’re out of beta).

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for badges you’d like to see added? Post them here and I’ll create it for you and award you a Badge Idea badge for coming up with it.


I have a few ideas for badges:

  • Badge for customers who participate in a case study

  • Badges for customers who write reviews on Capterra, G2 or other review site and then post a link to their reviews here.

  • Badges for IT Managers (or other technical roles) who contribute content to our blog



What kind of content are you looking for in your blog?


Hi @dimforest:

We’re always looking for expert contributors on the topic of patch management best practices for specific infrastructures. Given you’re an Automox customer, we’d could also do an interview scenario of sorts - we ask you questions specific to how moving to our platform changed your day to day, month to month, etc. for the better in IT operations [any hard core stats you can provide is always great too]. We’re also interested in mining customers insights on how they may be leveraging our tool to perform other tasks - via custom policies/worklets.

Would any of these ideas interest you? Let me know! Happy to hop on a call to further flesh out the details.

Thanks for the question!


A badge for people that post a pic of their #patchyourshit stickers. :sunglasses: I unfortunately don’t have one of those stickers, but I think it would be a neat little badge. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a good one

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That is a great idea. I’m going to go make that right now. And you get the badge suggestion badge @DiegoF1000101.

Woo! :smile:

Ok the badge is live:

Post your pictures in this topic to earn it:

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Is there a way to give/get badges for pings/mentions?

@dimforest What kind of badge would it be, @dimforest? I think you might @dimforest be on to something though, @dimforest!

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I agree, Diego… @dimforest is probably on to something.


It is possible to do badges for those, although I’ll need to wait until we’ve moved to our own hosting so that I can build the SQL badge queries. While it’s hosted with Discourse they don’t let you write those, for obvious reasons.

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You should also do a badge for people who win keyboards with QX2 linear mechanical gaming switches. We’re a cut above the rest.

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Post with a Dvorak keyset enabled.

Delete a post.

I don’t even know if we could detect that :slight_smile:

I think we need a “Drop the Mic” badge for whoever has the last post in a thread with at least 10 replies without a reply for 30+ days.