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Automox Agent Blank Details

  • 10 August 2023
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I’m curious if anyone else has run into this and has a solution. The device details page remains blank on 1% of agents ~765 total workstations.

  • Running locally: Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem shows error “get-wmiobject : Invalid class "Win32_ComputerSystem"
  • winmgmt /verifyrepository shows WMI repository is consistent



2 replies

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Hey Jack! 
Thank you for pointing this out, I’m going to take this back internally and get some feedback on where this problem may be coming from. 

You may be hearing from a member of our customer support team and/or our agent team to get more details.
My take is those endpoints may have a corrupt repository

I suggest using these commands in a worklet to kick-start the WMI service by rebuilding the repository.
Which may allow the automox agent to re-populate the data correctly. 


net stop winmgmt

winmgmt /salvagerepository

net start winmgmt


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Tried those steps remotely and wasn’t able to get it to work. Might have to see about remote control so I can run the commands locally and give that a go. Thanks for the suggestion!