Windows updates downloading but not installing

  • 10 May 2022
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I’ve got a fairly basic patching policy in place to apply critical, high and medium priority Windows 10 updates.  Everything seems to be running smoothly and the devices are showing as fully compliant in the Automox dashboard but the updates are merely downloading and not installing.

I have scheduled reboots running against the devices in question but this has resulted in a reboot without the updates installing.  Is there some element of the patching policy I need to set up or enable, or is actually installing updates not part of the patching policies within Automox?

4 replies

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What happens if you manually try running Windows Update? Does it fail as well? If that fails too, there may be an issue with the Windows client.

Even a basic Automox patch policy should install updates without issue unless there is an underlying problem with the Windows Update Client.

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Sorry for the late reply.  I’ve tested running Windows Update normally and the updates install without issue.  I can confirm the updates themselves and the Windows Update Client are functioning on our hosts but the Automox policy is downloading, then not installing, updates.

What may be out of whack that would cause the installation not to run via the Automox policy?  For waht it’s worth I’ve run the update policy manually against hosts and it will still download but not install updates.

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Very strange. At this point, opening a Support Ticket with our Help Center at, including the affected Device ID(s) and AX agent log(s), would be the best course of action so that we can investigate further.


After working with support the fundamental issue was the OS Patch Management for the group was not set to “Disable OS Automatic Updates”  though there is an issue with the Windows GUI still showing updates as scheduled to download and install automatically (but only on Server 2016 devices).

I’m taking that up with Microsoft support but the issue is resolved and updates are being downloaded and installed automatically again.