What 2FA system do you use?

  • 24 January 2020
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  • Authy

  • Yubico YubiKey

  • LastPass Authenticator

  • Microsoft Authenticator

  • Google Authenticator

  • Titan Security Key

  • Duo Security

  • 1Password

  • RSA SecurID Access

  • Auth0

  • Ping Identity

  • AuthPoint

  • SecureAuth

  • Verimark USB Fingerprint

  • Thetis

  • Okta Verify

  • Feitian MultiPass FIDO

  • AuthLite

  • UserLock

  • Azure MFA


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14 replies

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I use a number of them. Depends on the platform and what is supported on each. My preference is the security key, however a major flaw in most web platforms is when you set up the security key they require a “backup form” of 2FA (typically SMS) which completely defeats the strength of the security key as anyone trying to break in just smacks the “use alternate method” button and if they spoof the SMS they are in and around the security key with no trouble at all. Some ways to avoid this is to have 2 keys and use one as a primary and one as a backup since some of the platforms will let you set up a second physical key as a backup to the first without requiring SMS as a backup then.

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Agreed that SMS is useless. Until recently it was the only option for Paypal 2FA, and hackers were still able to get into my account by hijacking the SMS.

I have Authy, Microsoft and Google’s Authenticators, and Duo. Plus Steam uses their own app for verification so I have that as well. I really like the Google/Microsoft ones that let me sign into my accounts through a notification, for convenience on supported applications. Duo is very nice as well, but it’s a lot more effort to set up with.


Hmmm… I’m not seeing “Post-it under the keyboard” as an option here…

I just tell dim all my account info, and then tell companies to call him to verify my identity. Works like a charm.

same here … multiple … OKTA Verify, Authy, Yubico, MS Authenticator mostly time and for home few others 😀


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Other, MYKI 🙂

we use Hyper.com

I’m incredibly impressed, how do you pull that off?

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DigitalPersona as user repository for biometric data and MFA. We give end users options for Google Auth or the DigitalPersona App.

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We use Duo Security. 

We are an Okta shop and for the most part have been pretty happy with them.

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Azure MFA/Microsoft Authenticator
Google Authenticator