Weird email issue (365, rules)

  • 20 August 2019
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So I have a user who routinely complains about not getting emails from a few of us. Whenever it happens, it’s the same deal… I go into Message Trace to verify an email was sent at all: they are. However, they are being filtered by a rule and sent straight to deleted. So then we look at her rules in Outlook - nothing.

I haven’t had a chance to actually really sit and click around more than what I listed above but I just got a ticket this morning from her complaining about the same thing and if I am able (or one of my minions) to click around a bit, I’m wondering if maybe other mailboxes she has access to could affect this? She has quite a few. The emails being filtered though are being sent to HER…


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6 replies

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That is strange. I’m assuming there’s no way to have a server-side rule that doesn’t show up in the client? That’s the only thing I can think of. She has absolutely no rules at all? Do the other mailboxes she has access to have any rules on them?

Random but does she have an auto-forward rule turned on or is she accessing her mail outside 365 (mobile/other client)? I’ve seen this when using 3rd party services to retrieve email and it will route it to that inbox but wont appear in the original.


I’ll have one of my guys check. I know she is what we’d consider a “power user” and her Outlook is a mess as a result so I wouldn’t be shocked to see something janky like that setup.

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Did you ever figure this one out? I was curious what the root cause was.


Contacted 365 support, talked with some guy and went back and forth. Did a remote session to prove to him that I wasn’t crazy and making stuff up… he says “oh interesting… there are no rules set that would do that”…

I know.

Anyways, he says he’s going to look into it further and get back to me. This morning he emails me and informs me the matter has been resolved and “our engineers were able to isolte the source of the issue nd resolve it.”

I asked for information and he replied asking if I was okay with him closing the ticket. I told him I was not okay with that until I knew what was done. Still waiting to hear back.

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Sounds like you found a bug. Or there was some corruption that had a rule that wasn’t showing up in the client, and they just fixed it behind the scenes. Good for you for pressing them for a real answer.