Tip of the day: filling in the rest of your profile

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After you’ve selected an avatar, there’s still more to do on your profile page.

If you click on the Profile tab on your preferences page:

then you’ll have several fields you can fill in, including an “About me” section, website, more background images, and your date of birth.

The two background images are for your profile background (similar to the banner image on Twitter or Facebook) and your user card, which is the image that pops up when people click on your avatar in a post:

If you fill in your profile all the way you get the Autobiographer badge as a reward.

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You had me at badge

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@holly is your competitor for badges. She’s trying to acquire them all!


Speaking of badges, where is this?

My soulmate ❤

@dimforest, click on your profile pic, click your name, and then you’ll see a row of nav items. The 5th one over says Invites and this is where you can invite folks.

Hope that helps!


I must be too new or something because I don’t have that option!

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I’s based on trust levels, which is how this community regulates abilities for new users. I manually bumped you up to the Member level so it should show for you now.


Thanks @Nic!

Bummer. Was kinda hoping it was a bug 'cause if you find/report a bug, you get a badge 🙂 🤫

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It’s not technically a bug, but I did find that the level to get invite capability is hard-coded and not something you can change in the settings, for some reason.

Also note that invites are email-specific, so if you invite someone the code it generates is specific to their email address.

Thanks @Nic - I was just kidding 🙂

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No worries!

I’m confident you’ll get the bug finder badge eventually. You can get it for finding bugs in the product as well, so that’s another avenue.

You soooo underestimate my speediness. I already have it 🙂

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I see, you’re wanting to get it multiple times! (which you can for the sorts of badges that warrant it, like finding bugs)


I just noticed that we let BGM in the community. I am assuming that’s a bug. Badge me!

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Sorry, not a bug 🙂

Ohhhh, good to know!