Scan without patching for a baseline report

  • 19 April 2024
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Is it possible to create a policy to scan a group of devices for missing critical patches then create a report the breaks out which critical patches are missing.  We do not want to patch those devices with this policy, only scan.  

3 replies

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Hi lsanders,

If you deactivate or unassign the existing policies, and create a new ‘By Severity’ policy with no schedule, you can then run a pre-patch report on that group to get a view of all updates with a severity score on a per-machine basis.


I just figured that out.  Thanks Mark and great timing. :)

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@lsanders Here is what I’ve been doing. I have a report that I custom built comparing my internal assets to desired # of day thresholds for patches to install. When it exceeds a certain threshold of # days when I’d expect systems to be patched, I’m calling it out in a report. I’ve built on further to send the agents through a wave of automated “interventions” that can sometimes fix the overall health. It’s been a journey, but really happy with being able to confidently say, yes all these systems are patching to a desired state. Less that pesky 01-2024 CU Microsoft released and has yet to fix.


  1. Build a patch everything policy, but don’t schedule it. Make it available to the group you desire. 
  2. You can then use the API to extract the report for all devices like this:


$apiKey = '123456789'
$headers = @{ "Authorization" = "Bearer $apiKey" }
$orgID = '12345'

$url = "$orgID&"
$now = Get-Date
Write-Log "Collecting Automox Pre-Patch Reports"
$response = (Invoke-WebRequest -Method Get -Uri $url -Headers $headers).Content | ConvertFrom-Json
$prepatch = foreach ($device in $response.prepatch.devices){
$device.patches | %{
[datetime]$patchCreated = $_.createTime.split("T")[0]
$age = (New-TimeSpan $patchCreated $now).Days
name = $
needsReboot = $device.needsReboot
patch = $
patchAgeDays = $age
patchCreated = $patchCreated
group = $
compliant = $device.compliant
os_family = $device.os_family
$prepatch | Sort-Object name | Export-Csv "C:\automox-prepatch-report.csv" -NoTypeInformation