Patching Adobe Creative Cloud

  • 1 April 2022
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Does automox has an adobe creative cloud patch coming up?


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We don’t currently have Adobe Creative Cloud added in our third-party patching support and we are currently running across some roadblocks that prevent us from supporting it. Our team is trying to work on a fix but for now, it’s not feasible. If that changes and we can support it in the future, the best way to find out is to subscribe to our Software Patching Catalog Updates category!


Has there been any movement on this as this is a key application in our environment that we are hoping to be able to patch through Automox.

Not sure if anyone else in the community has created there own custom script to update the Creative Cloud suite (specific applications that a device may have installed).

Link provided in the previous reply no longer works.


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Hi @Devin 

Not the best solution, but will help keep some of the active users updated. I’ve not tried this yet but have the same issue.

Enable Auto-Update:

  • Open the Creative Cloud desktop app.
  • Click on the gear icon (Preferences) in the top right corner.
  • In the Preferences menu, select "Apps."
  • Under "Updates," turn on the toggle for "Auto-update."
  • You can choose to update all apps automatically or select specific apps for individual updates.

Hi @jack.smith,

Thanks, in our deployment packages we have configured them to auto-update; however, there were some that were deployed not configured to auto-update.

Was just hoping, that even with having auto-update through Adobe we could also enforce via Automox so our patching is handled centrally and would be reported along with what Automox is currently handling.

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Maybe there is a way to use ProcMon to discover the auto-update trigger Adobe is using and re-produce it with a worklet.