Patch Windows - How long is yours?

  • 26 July 2023
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Hi, My name is Paul and we have been using Automox for over 2 years now.


We patch 450+ servers (mix of virtual servers 2016/2019 OS)located in the US, once on a monthly basis.  Our US patch windows commonly exceed 5 hours to finish patching all servers.  We also patch about 100 servers in the Asia Pacific region, once monthly, and this patch window takes 4+ hours to complete. 

Wondering if this community can help in justifying if this aligns with their patch window duration.  

  • How long are your monthly patch windows taking to complete?
  • How many servers are you patching during these windows?  
  • Do you have a mix of virtual servers 2016/2019 OS?
  • How much bandwidth is your pipe your servers use to get out to the internet?  
  • Are you pre-staging (downloading the KB’s ahead of time) prior to the start of the actual patch window? 

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