Patch Except Policy is not forcing reboot after deferrals

  • 16 March 2022
  • 1 reply


We have our Patch Policy applied for the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Yesterday we all received the notification that we would need to either restart our computer or defer. Many deferred 8 hours and when 8 hours came up several of us deferred 4 hours and left our computers on. There is no indication that the 3rd deferment when through and of the 31 computers in the group, only two had the patch actually apply. One was successful, the second one failed due to an itunes update failure. I would like to know why the policy didn’t apply to the other 29 computers and why the computers didn’t restart after deferrment?

1 reply

Hi, @hadolf - sounds like macOS, so it could be part of something else going on currently, but I’ll need to do some digging. Have you already opened a ticket with our Support team? Even if there’s not a fix yet, they’ll want to document the failure(s) in your org(s). Stay tuned/thanks for posting!