Operating System Native Reboot Integration

  • 25 April 2022
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Hi Guys,

I have previously mentioned this to support although I am not too sure if there is a procedure for requesting additional features for the Automox agent? thus thought it would be useful to post in the community to try and reach out the toe correct team\department.

It would be really useful if the Automox agent was able to integrate with windows from a native OS reboot perspective. One thing I am seeing allot  is that users are postponing the reboot notifications generated by Automox and then restarting there device outside of Automox. Although patches are still being applied the Automox dashboard does not appear to be aware of this reboot and the agent continues to report  back to the dashboard that a reboot is required.

If the reboot is initiated from the Automox reboot notification the dashboard updates as expected when the r the host reboots although it would be useful if there was some integration to reboots that are initiated outside of the Automox.

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