NOT Compatible With Automox - Windows Update Server

  • 23 August 2023
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I have several Windows servers that the Automox agent reports and issue with the Windows update server.

Connectivity to Patch Source:
Windows Update Server

There is no problem with using Windows Update locally on the server. I had to resort to using it locally to patch this server. I had opened a support case on this and was told to contact Microsoft support. This response made no sense and I told the engineer that. I'm supposed to contact MS support and tell them there is an problem with Windows Update working on a server when it is working as expected.

4 replies

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Do you mind sharing that ticket #?
I’d love to see where the break is and being able to look at your environment would help a ton. 


Connectivity to Patch Source: Windows Update Server  #23216


@DavidV-Automox Any suggestions for next steps?

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Hey @ceconomon
I talked with our support team and they are 100% committed to resolving issues, even ones that aren’t automox errors. So we do our best effort to point you in the right direction. 

I want to help figure this out, 
Let me know if you’d like to re-engage with support and troubleshoot offline, or you can share results here in the community forum. 

We gave some suggestions on what could be happening on that host, due to the high amount of errors generated by the OS in the Windows Update Log. 
The Automox agent governs windows update activity on the device, but if there is a problem with the underlying Windows update service on the device, there’s little we can do other than pointing you at the problem. 

Could you share - either in the ticket or here - the results of the steps we suggested?
SFC scans or DISM on the host?

These error codes point to a fault in the WSUServices , and are generated because of the attempts made by Automox to patch using those services. 

  • 0x8024A005
  • 0x8024D009
  • 0x80070002
  • 0x8024401C