New Dashboard Widget Request - Patches Applied during x% timeframe

  • 25 May 2023
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Just want to start and say that I love the new dashboard and the current widgets. 

Couple things.

  1. Would love to see a new dashboard widget that would show “Patches Applied” during that same similar timeframe as the Outstanding Patch Count widget. Maybe with one extra column showing the current week.
  2. Also if when you click in the Outstanding Patch Count, the number in the box when clicked would show the accurate systems behind those values, that would be a huge help for identifying the systems that need attention in those critical areas.


1 reply

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Hi @crodgers,


Glad to hear you are enjoying the new dashboard!  These are great suggestions and I’ve forwarded them along to our product team!

You can always check the status of existing feature requests or submit new ones by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager.  Additionally, don’t forget to check out our Product Roadmap Webinars for updates on new features that are being released!

Have a great weekend!