Large files generated by the agent

  • 29 November 2021
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We have had problems with large files that are generated in the path C: \ ProgramData \ amagent in some cases we saw files of up to 120 GB.


We do not know why the agent is taking this behavior, has this happened to someone else?



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Hi, @Pablo_1010 - the agent will create some large files like that, but they shouldn’t persist once the process that creates them completes. Are they sticking around after the processes are complete? If so, we might want to take a look at that - otherwise, it’s normal for the amagent to do that during certain operations.

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Hi @ChadMc, the files persist and we have seen that they increase until the disk is full, register a tickt to support

Okay, we’ll definitely want to get a ticket submitted to Support so they can take a look - there could simply be a hung operation or two, but let’s get them to dig into it. 

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As a long term Automox user, I have never seen this issue - we have lots of devices with 120GB SSD boot drives, so if it was typical we would also have had a lot of ‘disk full’ issues. I don’t recall reading that Automox requires 120GB+ free to operate ...

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Yeah that’s concerning. Our users also typically have 128GB to 256GB SSDs, and 120GB of unexpected data could definitely fill up their drives. 

What causes these kinds of files? Is it preventable? 

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Looking at the filenames in the original post, you would probably want to know what the Powershell script was doing. Given the size of a clean Windows installation, it does look like this needs some investigation - perhaps a Worklet that is doing something unexpected?

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Hello, we were able to identify that the problem was caused by a Worklet update of a registry (reg), the operation hangs and the stdout file keeps growing nonstop until the disk is full.

The worklet had been running previously for a while, but the problem appeared last week.

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That’s good to hear you found the problem. I think the Automox developers need to look at limiting the amount of space the agent can use.

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To check the behavior of the files created by the agent, here is a worklet to check the size of the files in the folder:


Get-ChildItem -path "C:\ProgramData\amagent" | Foreach {
    $Files = Get-ChildItem $_.FullName -Recurse -File
    $Size = '{0:N2}' -f (( $Files | Measure-Object -Property Length -Sum).Sum /1MB)
    [PSCustomObject]@{Profile = $_.FullName ; TotalObjects = "$($Files.Count)" ; SizeMB = $Size}