How to enforce Macos reboot after Macos patching

  • 12 March 2024
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I would need some advice

I use policy “Patch recently released macOS updates”. It shows a pop-up window and if user click on “patch”, e.g. MacOS 14.3.1 is upgraded to 14.4. But I see it has two IF

  • If user does not click on “patch” button, MacOS is not updated
  • If he does it, MacOS is not restarted. There is just notification in Settings icon, but my users ignore it. 

Is not there any way to enforce patching even if user does not click “Patch” button? 

Is not there any way how to significantly show to user he should reboot? And if he does not reboot, reboot is forced e.g in 48 hours? 

Thank you for you help



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Hi aldomoro,

Take a look at our Notifications KB article:

The end-user can defer patching but only up until the Max number of deferrals is hit, afterwhich patching is forced.

The behavior is the same with the reboot notifications. The end user can defer, but once they hit the max number of deferrals, the reboot is forced.

If notifications are disabled, patching just happens, and a reboot just happens immediately after patching completes.