How many customers/endpoints do you support?

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And how big is your IT department? I’m always interested to see what the ratio of sysadmins to users is, especially across different industries.

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Our IT department is about 25 people for 500+ users. There are 3 of us IT nerds in the US office, and the other 22 or so are in our Hong Kong office. Because we are a smaller company, we end up wearing a lot of hats. I don’t have a network admin, an infrastructure admin, a user admin, etc. There are just a few of us who share all of those responsibilities.

It’s fun because we get to learn from each other and tackle problems together.

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Do you ever get to visit the Hong Kong office? I’ve been there once as a kid, but haven’t been to that area of the world lately.

I may be going some time this year since we are evaluating Microsoft Teams. If this gets approved we will migrate from G Suite to Office 365 and configure Azure Active Directory. Since this would affect so many things, I’ve told my boss it would be great if I could have some face-to-face time with the Hong Kong IT team. He agrees.

Haven’t been there yet, but sounds like it would be a great place to go. Hopefully the demonstrations will quiet down soon and China will play nice.

I support three sister companies with a total of about 125 endpoints between the three.

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Welcome @kstevens! Is it just you supporting all three?

Pretty much. There are three of us in the IT Department, One dedicated soley for EDI and me and the IT director for everything else. Never a boring day.

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That sounds like a lot for one person to support - I hope they’ll at least get you an intern at some point!

About 70 endpoints and 2 of us to support. We do outsource a lot so whats left day-to-day is mainly desktop support. However, seems to take up more time than it should and why we love Automox as makes our job that little bit easier!

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Agro & Food industry: 25 Windows Desktop/Notebook users, 5 iMac/Macbook users, 14 iPad user and some others iPhone and random phones. Actually I have a cluster with Vm Ware managed with vSan solution. Office 365 as main mail system, 5 Vm with windows servers and other Vm’s for other services. Firewall in HA. 3 Radio bridge, 2 fibers connection intranet. 6 Industrial machine connected in the main net, others in orphan net and so many other things related to Silo and Warehouse. I work alone with just support for management software (I’m not a dev ) and actually I’m also managing foreign logistic department ( client relation, issue with carrier and orders ) but i should finally become only the IT guy, i hope as fast as possible so i can really optimize a lot of sh*t and help people to loss less time and work safer.


I’m sitting right around 500ish right now.

Number of clients varies (nature of MSP biz), but we’re supporting about 300 machines across the current client base and are in talks with a few other prospectives.

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The most I’ve supported in past jobs is around 8k.

Most I’ve managed was about 22k endpoints. Physical desktop/laptop and persistent/non-persistent virtual.

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I think you win with 22k! Anyone managed more than that?


Holy cow!