Feature Update Question - uninstall tight VNC

  • 20 June 2024
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We have PCs dotted around the world, although most are in the UK. All of them at some time or another can be a struggle to connect to with automox.

I found with a couple recently, I had to use team viewer to connect and remove VNC - because the port was engaged by VNC, it was seen as ‘busy’ when attempting to connect. So you could never connect.

After removal, Automox would then re-connect, re-install VNC and all would be well.

I could write a worklet to remove VNC I guess, but was wondering how easy it would be just to use a worklet to free up the port?


1 reply

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Hi @JST !

We do have a Worklet in our Catalog for uninstalling TightVNC:
Windows - Software - Uninstall TightVNC

If you are looking to create a worklet that just disconnects the agent, it appears that you could do this programmatically using the -disconnectall switch issued via command line.  



Hope this helps!