FEATURE REQUEST: Fix the calendar

  • 13 October 2023
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I'm switching from another patching solution and everything is scheduled off Patch Tuesday. I'm noticing that my schedule for November will start patching on the week BEFORE Patch Tuesday. I've also noticed that there are certain days that I cannot patch, for example, I couldn't patch on Sundays this month because the 2nd Sunday this month was a week before my patch window.

This way of doing scheduling doesn't make any sense and it needs to be changed. When patching is entirely based off of Patch Tuesday, it would make sense that patching software works off of that schedule as well.

2 replies


For example, this is my “Tier 1” schedule for servers that get patched the week of Patch Tuesday. They won't be patched on that week for November 2023. This way of scheduling patches is inherently broken and doesn’t match how actual patching schedules work.



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@dkehoe have you tried using the Patch Age offset under Package Targeting? Using an Advanced Patch Policy with a Patch Age offset with a weekly or daily patching schedule enables a predictable patching schedule regardless of what day various vendors like Apple, Google, Mac or Linux release the patch. 


Leveraging patch age and a re-occurring patch window, I’m able to send patches through groupings of devices like DEV  > TEST > STAGING > PRODUCTION each with with more days than the last.