Feature request: Direct Uninstall via Automox Console!

  • 28 April 2021
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While the need to install critical software is often urgent, we are finding the need to track and remove unwanted software to be equally pressing in some cases. I see that substantial and ongoing work is being done on Automox Worklets which uninstall software. That leads me to wonder whether tracking and removal of software might some day go “mainstream” in Automox and be managed directly through the Automox console.

For example, perhaps there could be an Automox Policy which reports ALL packages installed on an end point and can be used to trigger uninstall logic on some subset of these. Am I totally off-track here? Please enlighten!

3 replies

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I’d like it. We also use PDQ Deploy which does this, but it would be nice to potentially do all of this work from one system.

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We do have a bunch of worklets that check for unwanted software and remove them, but I like your idea of having this be a built in feature. Thanks for the suggestion @Carson!

Any update on adding this