failed updates for devices

  • 18 January 2024
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Hi Everyone, im newbie for Automox and still easing my path through this new platform.

Here’s the little info before i ask my question. So we have got more than 150 devices registered in Automox so far now. we have created couple of policy which patching throughout all week and im still thinking we dont need this much policy on place to be honest cause it’s just crating confusion(see attached screenshots). After all this policies in place we are still not able to get most devices compliant in our dashboard. its indicating almost 70 to 80 percent devices are failed to updates and 40 percent device required reboot to compliant.. we tried to set reboot deferral to 2 times from 3 times before but still no luck..  so is there any way we can set this policies in such a way we can achieve more devices compliant and is there any way from we can start to troubleshoot those failed updates device..


i know its a too much information there but im hoping to get guidance from this awesome community.




1 reply

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Hey @Maulik_Busa! Have you tried also reaching out to our support team? They could probably provide some recommendations on how to proceed!