End user communication

  • 22 June 2022
  • 1 reply


Hey All!

We just finished setup and configuring our patch policies and was wondering what everyone was doing in terms of user communications. Would anyone be willing to post a “template” that they for end user comms?


Thanks in advance!

1 reply

Hello SW1,

Are you looking for a template to communicate to users outside of the Automox Platform? Generally, we would recommend using the User Notification to communicate to the users. I recommend making the message specific to what the Policy is doing. 

There are two opportunities to communicate to users - 1 with the Install Notification and 1 with the Reboot Notification.

Example: If there is a Policy to update Chrome, then the User Notification message should have that called out in the message - “We are updating your Chrome Browser - these updates will now be installed.”