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How do I create an email alert that informs me when an asset has not communicated with the portal for x days?

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Hi Fabio,

No alerting for disconnected devices at the moment. The Dashboard is going to have information about disconnected endpoints longer than 30 days however. This information is also available in the Needs Attention report and a filter on the Devices page.


about the devices and dashboard area ok, but we needed an alert, so that we could better control the endpoints

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While there isnt a direct alerting setup currently, I am pretty sure you can setup the Maintenance Tasks - Cleanup Disconnected Automox Devices worklet to run to list the devices disconnected. Make sure it is set to $true in the DRY RUN area so it just lists the devices within your window! Then do an API call to pull that data in and get that emailed out via a task or whatever automation software you are using. Only just starting to play with the API but I am sure someone smarter than I has this setup lol!


Hi Fabio, I think the Automox team are working on better alerting and reporting but we have found the same challenges. What we have done in the interim is the following using the API:

  1. we look for devices that haven’t been seen for X amount of days and then log a ticket in our ITSM system for investigation.
  2. when a policy drifts below x% compliance we log a ticket for the policy to be investigated (this could include changing it to allow less reboot deferrals for example). This isn’t perfect as we’d prefer to do this after a policy has been below x% compliance for a certain number of days, so we don’t log false positives when it’s due to new patches and the policy hasn’t had time to complete (i.e. forcing a reboot). We use a prefix on the policies we want to alert on in this manner. This is a bit of a pain as we can’t just pull the % compliance of a policy off the API, we have to pull other data and perform a calculation. 
  3. when a device isn’t associated with a policy we log a ticket to ensure we don’t have orphaned devices. 

Again, we just do this via the API. Hopefully there is some improved alerting logic in Automox in the future, plus the ability to access this via API or webhooks.