Dynamic groups in Automox.

  • 5 December 2023
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In Automox, do we have Dynamic group populated? Instead of static group or manual group? 

3 replies


No they don´t have that at the moment. I have created a PS script which looks at device tags and mapped each device into groups based on which tag it has. 

Hope they will get it soon, but this get´s it done for now at least


Thank you!

I’m unfortunately on a worse boat. I have never ever ran a command in PowerShell/any language to “run an API call”. it sounds super simple but where do I even get started?


I see this page:,number%20of%20days%20you%20prefer.

Which brings up a side question -- where do I find the script you guys are talking about to group the users together?


But it is not clear to me on what to do after changing the variables they request. What am I to do after I modify the PS1 file? How do I “Run it”?


I can try, but I do not want to break it now that we have this installed to 500+ users.