Does Automox recognize if patch is installed

  • 30 March 2023
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With regards to the recent Microsoft security patch for Outlook, a number of our employees went ahead and updated O365 themselves and didn’t wait for Automox to install the patch. However, Automox doesn’t seem to recognize that the patch was already installed and keeps trying to install the patch and request a reboot.  Is there a setting to enable Automox to first check and see if the patch has been installed and/or the software is up to date and Automox need not patch that device?

2 replies

I have this question as well, this has been the case for Zoom and Firefox in our environment on top of O365.

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Hi @Rybbigs,


During an Automox scan, we run a series of commands against the device to detect installed software, Operating System details, Policy Compliance, Reboot status and State changes, as well as a few other bits of information.


For user driven updates, these should be recognized so as long as an Automox scan has completed to pick them up.  This also applies to user driven reboot actions.


If you are noting that the software installs and updates that are available on a device are not reflecting what is within the Automox UI, I would recommend performing a manual scan to re-inventory the device details.


You can issue a scan to one device by going to the Device’s page and then clicking Scan Device:


Alternatively, you can issue a scan in bulk to multiple devices through the Devices page, and then the Actions button:

You can also try changing the Scan Interval setting for your device’s Group. This will cause the devices within the Group to refresh their data in the console more frequently, and re-validate compliance levels against all associated policies.  The default Scan Interval setting is 24 hours, so it could be that the device is simply not refreshing its data in the console enough. 


If you are still having issues with Automox recognizing the installed software on a device after issuing a Scan, there could be something preventing the Scan from completing.  In this case, I would recommend issuing a ticket with our Support team for further assistance.


Have a great day!